Universalism and Particularism in European Contemporary History

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About the KFG 'Universalism and Particularism'

Center for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences / Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe (KFG)

The KFG (Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe) is an interdisciplinary research group, which is a Center for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, funded by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). The goal of the KFG is to better understand the complex ways in which universalist and particularist models of order were transmitted and layered on each other in European contemporary history. The KFG’s research encompasses both Western and Eastern Europe in a global perspective. It is especially interested in the period of transformation whose prehistory lies in the 1970s and the concomitant developments in Western Europe intertwined with it. The assumption that contemporary history in Eastern and Western Europe can only be adequately described in its interdependencies and global entanglements is central to the KFG.