Universalism and Particularism in European Contemporary History

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Fellowship Program

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The fellowship program is a central part of the KFG. This program allows many leading experts to intensively explore and exchange ideas about innovative research topics at the Center in Munich.

The distinguished fellows, who come out of the social sciences, join the KFG for up to twelve months and are formally involved in important decisions in cooperation with the KFG directors, who represent the historical sciences.

Each of the twenty-four senior fellows joins the KFG for up to six months. The senior fellows are already identified leading experts from Germany and abroad who come from different fields of the historical and social sciences and who systematically supplement the research areas and competencies of the team of KFG directors and distinguished fellows.

Every summer and winter term, the KFG announces a Call for Junior Fellowships for postdocs, who come to Munich for up to six months. Interdisciplinary research proposals at the intersection of the KFG’s research areas are especially encouraged. The junior fellows not only have the opportunity to work on their own research projects while taking part in intellectual exchange with the KFG directors and fellows, but they are also able to organize a research-oriented workshop in Munich. During their research stay, the fellows receive a monthly stipend to cover living costs as well as a rent subsidy.